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FHA Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing into an FHA mortgage or refinancing your current FHA mortgage has never been easier. First you have to decide what your goals with the refinancing should accomplish. The most common forms of FHA refinancing are:

Cash-out: You should choose this option if you wanted to walk away from your closing with a check that you can spend as you see fit for use on anything you want.

Debt Consolidation: If you have too much high interest debt and you want to roll everything into one easy monthly payment you would choose this option. Your FHA loan specialists will arrange the payoff of your debt and you will walk away from the closing with a fresh start.

Rate & Term: For those who have a really high interest rate on a subprime mortgage loan - also known as a bad credit mortgage. With a FHA Rate & Term refinance you can decrease your rate and your payment.

Streamline: FHA streamline refinancing is perfect for individuals who purchased a house or condo with an FHA loan and want to reduce their rate and payments. There is no credit check with an FHA streamline refinance the only condition is that you have not made late payment on your current FHA mortgage within the past year.

There is no fee or obligation to submit your application.

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